The Princess & The Tomboy

It’s quite a dichotomy.

Within a 48 hour period in 2 different Goodwill stores in 2 different states – my daughter bought these 2 very different shoes.

One is a pretty and quite feminine pair of black heels.

The other is a clunky pair of insulated army boots.

And she loves them both!

I’m glad that she is comfortable as a pretty princess in pumps and as a tomboy keeping up with her brothers on the snowy trails.

I hope she never outgrows either one!

But I’m even more glad that she is comfortable – and even excited – to go shopping at a thrift store.

She’s not only a pretty princess and a tomboy – but she’s also a treasure hunter! 🙂

5 thoughts on “The Princess & The Tomboy

  1. I have one of those girls too! She will ride the motorcycle with her brothers, play paintball, or go play in the mud one day (she is 15, mind you), and the next she is all dressed up looking like she’s got something special going on. The question is whether she is a princess, or a tomboy? 🙂 LOVE the shoes, btw!


  2. Yeah for her being a tomboy princess. My three can get dressed to the hilt while being as comfortable as can be in heels and yet turn around and pull out their work boots and camo the next day. They’ve figured out how to have the best of both worlds.


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