Don’t Forget the Forgotten Things!

As we cleaned up after the fabulous Golden weekend – we discovered that several family members left things behind.

I guess I wasn’t really too surprised – but it was a rather interesting assortment of items including:

3 sleeping bags
1 dirty wash cloth
a pair of pink tennis shoes
a necklace
a pair of jeans
a headlamp
a sweatshirt
a glass baking dish with lid
3 tubes of toothpaste (which we have been using – thanks for the donation!)
1 travel size bottle of Head & Shoulder’s (I’m still wondering if this one was a hint!)

Since we live almost 2 hours from the closest family – I wondered how long it would be before we could make connections to return these items.

But then things started falling into place.

Jan bought a used plow on Craig’s list that had to be picked up several hours away. He asked me if I wanted to ride along. Of course I said yes! After almost 20 years of marriage and five kids I’m always glad of a little alone time with my sweetheart –  especially if it involves traveling back roads!

Since we would pass within a few miles of one of my sister’s house – I made some phone calls to make arrangements to meet them in route to pass off the pile of forgotten things. I threw together some snacks, had Pedro pack up the big pile in the van, and I headed to town to meet Jan.

So far so good – right?!

I wanted to make a quick stop at the library to pick up a couple of books – but alas none of the books I wanted were there. But I did see a good friend and had a nice chat – which salvaged the trip! (Hey Caroline!)

Then I ran to the grocery for 2 things – yes just 2! I grabbed them and headed to the check-out where I got behind a mom with several little ones. They were just the cutest little things driving the special grocery cart with the car in front!

Of course they had to “help” mommy – which took twice as long. But I didn’t complain – I just stood there smiling because I remember the not-too-distant past when I was that Momma!

But it did put me behind schedule.

Then I realized that I would be riding in a car for 2 hours – which made me need to use the bathroom – so I ran over to Pamida which had the closest public restroom in town – before jumping in the van and heading out to meet Jan at work.

I was about 10 minutes late and a little flustered when I arrived and saw him waiting outside for me!

He had the Suburban and trailer there – so all I had to do was transfer the stuff from the van into the Suburban and we would be off on our “date”.

I grabbed my books, jacket and the food, jumped in and we took off.

We were halfway to the interstate before I remembered the forgotten stuff in the back of the van.

Yup – I had totally forgotten it.


Jan even asked before we left if I had gotten everything transferred. Of course I did – I had the food and my books !

It was quite embarrassing – after all the trouble to arrange things – to call my brother-in-law and tell him that he didn’t need to meet us because I had forgotten the forgotten things.

He thought it was quite humorous.

He might still be laughing.

I know Jan is!

It took a few more miles to laugh at myself – but we did go on to have a wonderful evening together.

And the forgotten things will remain forgotten – at least for now.

I’ve linked this post up at Friday Fails over at My Blessed Life.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Forget the Forgotten Things!

  1. Uhm…yeah….I’d be blaming the children. They say those squirts get half your brain cells each time a new one comes along. That doesn’t leave much left over for Mom. That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it!


  2. Welcome to the adventure of hosting “the family”! Little surprises left all over the house & especially under the beds! But, I agree, you remembered the important things, hubby,food, books, laughing at & forgiving yourself, & enjoying your date!!


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