Bridal Satin Memories

There’s “wedding” in the air!

With my parent’s 50th Anniversary Celebration coming up this week-end and my niece’s recent engagement – it seems like every family conversation involves weddings.

It’s making me a bit nostalgic. 🙂

But then spring always brings back memories – I starting dating Jan in the spring and he asked me to marry him a little over a year later.

When I heard about the super-romantical proposal my niece received – it made me wonder – how did Dad propose to Mom?

I remembered back to the afternoon when Jan proposed to me.

It was sweet.

It was simple.

It was Jan.

It was (and is) priceless.

But the proposal is just the beginning – then the wedding planning starts!

Fifty years ago my mom made her own wedding dress on her treadle sewing machine. She went on to make wedding dresses for all four of her daughters – me included.

Last week-end she cut into bridal satin once again as she started on my niece’s wedding dress.

I remember how exciting it was to see all that beautiful satin laying there – and knowing it was going to turn into the wedding dress I would wear down the aisle to marry the man of my dreams!

I’m sure my niece was as starry eyed as I – as she watched Mom lay out the material and pattern.

I know she was excited when she heard about the white Bible tradition!

When Mom got married she carried a small white Bible she received from her grandma. All of my sisters and I carried it with our bridal bouquets as well.  As soon as my niece heard the story – she was anxious to “carry” on the tradition.

I’m glad that in the midst of all this planning and excitement we have a weekend together to remember what all the fuss and preparations are about.

It’s about a man and a woman promising before God to love and honor each other till death do they part.

It’s not just about bridal satin and white Bibles – they are only the beginning – the celebration!

It’s really about the marriage.

The commitment.

My folks have kept it for 50 years.

Now that’s a tradition to pass on!

8 thoughts on “Bridal Satin Memories

  1. MaKayla was thrilled to see that you used the word “romantical”! She just had a conversation with someone recently that tried as they might to convince her that “romantical” really isn’t a word! I guess the spell-check on this blog agrees that it isn’t in the dictionary as it is underlined with red dots in red signaling MISSPELLED!! :o) Anyway, your post is great and what a blessing it is that God chose to place you in a family where marriage is sacred. He placed you in a family where two parents chose commitment and are still living it out before their children and grandchildren! Have an awesome time this weekend and store up many memories deep within your heart!


    P.S.) Is your garden all planted?


    1. I’m with MaKayla! Romantical is such a fun word! It should be in the dictionary! 🙂

      And – no – the garden is not in. I have though about it though! Maybe next week!


  2. What a beautiful tradition with the white Bible! I read “And Prince Charming Got His Girl” and tears filled my eyes! I know the labor of love of the wedding preparations. Two of my daughters where married 4 months apart in 2008. The hours of hard work filled with lots of laughter… the wonderful memories of preparation… and knowing all we were able to do because I have taught my daughters to be frugal. I know there will be more weddings… I have 5 daughters and 2 sons! More memories!! More love shared!! I would love to see more pictures of the wedding party!!


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