The Great Make-Up Debate

Make UpI knew it was coming, but I still wasn’t ready for it.

It was another one of those “rites of passage”. Another “coming of age” event.

My oldest daughter asked to wear make-up.

My mind went blank.

I immediately used my standard answer whenever I didn’t know how else to respond, “Let me talk to your father.”  (Notice I said “father” and not “dad” or “daddy” for a momentous decision like this?!)

It’s been a very busy time around the house preparing for several major events in the next few weeks – so her request got lost in the jumbled up mess that is my memory these days.

So she asked again.

I said the jury is still out.

She waited and asked again.

This time I responded, “Honey, I don’t see the need to paint the barn if you’re not ready to attract a farmer.”

Let’s just say that didn’t go over so well.

But there was a reason for my remark.

Remember that I’m the “minimum maintenance mom” here. I only wear a touch of mascara and eye shadow when I leave the house – if I remember.

I’ve never worn much for make-up, even in high school and college, except for one stretch of time. It was  after college and I was teaching at a Christian school. One of my friends was a consultant for Beauti -Control cosmetics and to help her out I had a party.

Three of my best “minimum maintenance friends” joined me for a make-over.

We all felt beautiful when it was over and bought the entire system from face cleanser to this weird green-colored base.

We even wore it faithfully – especially to the church single outings. Within a year three of us were engaged. 🙂

I’ve always wondered if it was the make-up.

I finally did have a talk with my husband. I even asked the advice of my two older and wiser sisters.

The result was a mother/daughter outing for mascara and a very pale eye shadow.

We’re not totally painting the barn – just highlighting the windows.

My baby girl is growing up.

8 thoughts on “The Great Make-Up Debate

  1. Ooh – hope this doesn’t come from my daughter for several more years yet! Until it’s time, maybe I’ll use your line about the farmer – love it! 🙂


  2. I LOVE the “not totally painting the barn – just highlighting the windows”. Think I’d better add that to my arsenal.

    Fourteen has worked pretty well for us, with a few special occasions prior. They are hitting high school and in a small town that means involved to the hilt. Between sweating it off in athletics and trying to sleep in as late as possible, I’m lucky to see any window highlighting, much less barn painting. It pretty much takes care of itself and low maintenance wins out, but when they do wear it, I am stunned at how it enhances their natural beauty.


  3. Love the make-up bag…SO cute! I’m sure your momma-big girl outing was lots of fun…something she will remember forever! :o) MaKayla’s decided that make-up is “okay” however it’s alot of work. Except for very special occasions, she’s happy wearing mascara and not-much-else! I’m thankful for her simplicity. You’re right…our baby girls are growing right up! I’m glad there’s a good few years before Mal hits that stage!



  4. Never had daughter, but I remember when I asked my mom if I could start wearing make-up, she said I could wear lip gloss and curl my eyelashes. That was in ninth grade. To this day I only wear eye make-up and lip gloss, no face make-up and lipstick.


  5. Growing up! I have an 8 yr old that’s wanted high heels, fashionable clothing and nail polish since she was born :-0

    So I point out every ooooooold grandma that is wearing that bright blue eye shadow, bright pink blush and red lipstick and ask her if that’s what she’d like to look like 😉 Aren’t I sweet? hee hee

    I love your comment about painting the barn…..too funny~



  6. I also like the “not totally painting the barn – just highlighting the windows” bit. My daughters are all grown now, but the questions still came regardless…..I just simply told them, not until your old enough to drive yourself to school…….it worked for the most part…lol


  7. “I don’t see the need to paint the barn if you’re not ready to attract a farmer” – Oh, my, I do love that! As a “ponytail and chapstick” woman myself I know God knew what he was doing giving me only boys. I would surely be adrift with girly girls!


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