A Trip to the Hundred Acre Wood

In which we take an “explore” on a warm spring day through the woods and over the hills to the Hundred Acre Wood….

It was a long hike for little legs, but we had lots of fun riding “cowboy” and “bunking bronco’s”….

When we finally arrived at the Hundred Acre Wood – we looked all over for Winnie the Pooh, but we couldn’t find him.

We think he might be visiting Christopher Robin since we saw his tracks in the mud under the footbridge.

We did find Pooh’s tree house and we climbed in and peeked out Pooh’s window! We also went down Pooh’s slide, and went back and forth across Pooh’s bridge.

We had a picnic of peanut butter crackers and oranges (sorry Pooh Bear – no honey- it’s too messy!) and threw our orange peels in the ravines for the mice and birds to eat.

We played a little Pooh sticks in the creek and even left a Katy track, an Emie track and an Annie track for Pooh to find.

Then we mounted our “horses” and headed back up the hill and through the forest back home.

Good-bye Hundred Acre Wood!

One thought on “A Trip to the Hundred Acre Wood

  1. All I can say is…precious…your nieces are precious!! :o) Anna even has an Eeyore sweatshirt on…

    Sounds like you’ve had a great week! Although I know it’s been busy, it’s a week you will look back on and deeply cherish!



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