Ready or Not…

Ready or not ….here they’ve come!

Remember my nieces Emie and Katie?!

They’re here – at my house – with their other five siblings.

Their momma asked me if the older boys could spend spring break here – I said sure – but knowing how much she needed a break – I asked her to send all seven kids.

She did.

They arrived this afternoon after a journey that was a logistical masterpiece involving 3 different legs, 3 different drivers, a stop at McDonald’s and a potty break at Wal- Mart with little girls crawling under stalls.

My sister-in-law Julie 0ffered her assistance for the week – bless her heart. She arrived yesterday with her 2 boys and lots of food.

Boy did I need her help!

Having three precious little gals with Down’s  Syndrome is a challenge.  Reality hit yesterday when their momma sent us an email with detailed instructions including an entire paragraph entitled Pee, Poop and other Potty stuff.

The big boys I’m not too worried about – we’ll feed them when they’re hungry (which is all the time!) and make sure they wearing clean underwear when they go home.

But those little girls need a constant eye and lots of loving.

So far today Annie ate only bread for supper, Katie drank bath water and Emie only made one attempt to escape.

But we had lots of giggles, played toys and watched the chickens. They were fed, went potty, bathed, and loved.

And – they were in bed within 10 minutes of bedtime!

Even though the big boys are all outside playing in the rain – I think I will still call day one a success.

Just seven days to go…

3 thoughts on “Ready or Not…

  1. Didn’t have a chance to talk with you at church. Looked like you were busy! The girls are darlings!! I can’t imagine the fun (and work) you are having! Enjoy your week and soak up those little blessings.


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