Radio Surfing

We finally saw some sunshine on Saturday! After waiting for a month, the weather was finally good enough for us to head out to civilization for some provisions and  a little fun.

One of our favorite activities while driving is doing a little radio surfing. Saturday was no exception! My husband manned the controls as he drove through the hills, finding a little country music, then some news, then … Jackpot!

He found an oldies station.

And not just any oldies station – but a country oldies station!

A little vintage Willie Nelson, then the Sons of the Pioneers, ahh… now that brings back memories!

I can close my eyes and imagine myself in the back seat of our old station wagon heading to Minnesota on vacation with my parents and siblings. I can almost smell the pine forest and feel the August sun.

But when I opened my eyes – I was back in the Suburban with snow drifts along the road- and the five kids in the back seats were all mine. I took one glance at my husband driving and smiled, content.

The next song to play was the tear-jerker “The Last of the Silver Screen Cowboys” by Roy Rogers, Rex Allen and Rex Allen, Jr.

“Last of the silver screen cowboys,
Last of a fast-dying breed.
Cattle are grazing,
Six guns a blazing,
God knows this is what American still needs.”

Sniffle… sniffle… gulp

We drive a few more miles before we lose the signal.

My husband picks up a little news at the top of the hour.

In a shocking story we heard that some Girl Scout Cookies are being recalled. They interviewed one woman who said, “I thought they tasted a little different from last year – but I couldn’t tell for sure. ”

She ate the entire box.

The entire suburban burst into laughter.

On to the next station as the miles rolled by…

2 thoughts on “Radio Surfing

  1. WHAT!! Girl Scout Cookies being recalled!! Say it isn’t so!!! Ahhhhhhhh~

    Loved your comment about our newest Grand-dumping~ I’m LOVING being a Grammy but still feel like I’m 20 :-0

    When I go see her the kids all voted that they’d come stay with you ;-p They even said they wouldn’t mind staying in your “clubhouse” 🙂 hee hee

    I talked to Janie today and we agreed we should have snow day at your house every week 🙂



    1. How fun would that be! 🙂

      The clubhouse would be rocking with laughter and full of Lego’s!

      Snow day at my house?! Oh yeah! We can call them field trip days when the snow melts! 🙂


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