An Olympic Party!

I am an Olympic junkie!

For two weeks every two years, I live, eat, sleep and breath the Olympic games – and I’ve taught my kids to do the same!

For us the fun begins on opening night when we have an Olympic party and watch the ceremony together.

We try to make a meal that reflects the host country – Chinese sweet and sour chicken for the Beijing games, fresh pasta and bread sticks for the Torino games, etc..

But we were a little stumped about Canada.

We ended up making Canadian bacon pizza (now stopped laughing Pat and my other Canadian friends – I know that it’s NOT authentic! Sure tasted good though!)

For dessert we made chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting and decorated with Olympic rings made out of M & M’s.

Then we all snuggled in and watched the Opening Ceremony from the very beginning all the way to the torch ceremony!

I love the geography and history and even political lessons the kids get as the different countries march in. (Why won’t Iran march in beside Iraq?)

Now for the next several days, we’ll soak in the drama, the victories, the defeats,and all the  stories that will make Olympic history!

All the while we’re spending time together as a family – and creating more memories that will bind us together!

3 thoughts on “An Olympic Party!

  1. What a neat idea! We are summer Olympic junkies. We haven’t really gotten into the winter sports since we aren’t all that familiar with them. When you live on a tropical island you aren’t really interested in ice skating, you know?
    I love your cake, though! It’s really cute.


  2. Aw, the cake looks fantastic!!! 🙂
    I hope you and your family enjoy watching the games together! I don’t get into it all much..but I will catch a few events here and there! 🙂

    Katy 🙂


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