Guess What’s Buried in My Freezer…

Okay – I fully realize that I have already shared more than you probably want to know about my freezer and it’s contents. But please – just one more!

You have to understand that it’s snowing again and I’m house bound and I need help.

Serious help.

You see…I found something in my freezer.

Something that I buried deep down and tried to forget was there.

But I unearthed it – and now I know I have to deal with it.

It’s a package of rabbits.

Yes, cute little bunnies. Think Thumper.
rabbit meat
Over a year ago a friend’s son shot them and butchered them and asked me if I wanted them. I was quite busy at the time and a little distracted and I said sure.

He brought them over in a large ziplock bag. I told him to just put them in the big chest freezer. He did and I forgot all about them (that’s the beauty of a big chest freezer!)

Until now.

I found them.

And they still have the legs attached.

And the legs have fur on them.

Yes, for over a year I had rabbit fur in my freezer.

I hope the innards are out. I’ve been too scared to look – and besides they are frozen shut.

I thought for a moment that I would just wait for Mom to come down – she would know how to cook rabbit meat. Mom knows everything.

Then I realized that if she cooked it – I would have to eat it.

Now I’ve heard that it’s supposed to taste like chicken, but I’m not sure I am brave enough to try it.

Now lest you think I’m a wimp – I will proudly admit that I help with butchering around here. I’ve dealt with innards and fur and feathers. But those parts are always outside.

It’s a process and by the time the meat arrives in the house it looks like – well – meat. All traces of it’s “bambi-ness” are gone.

The fur and feathers don’t make it to my freezer.

That don’t stare at my from the counter as I prepare to cook them.

I’m trying to work up the courage to thaw them and chop those offensive legs off and actually cook them.

Or…then again – maybe not.

Do you think if I just ignore them long enough they will just vaporize?

Photo by Masteruk

8 thoughts on “Guess What’s Buried in My Freezer…

  1. Close your eyes and pitch them outside. . . far, far from the house. Tell yourself that you are feeding some other hungry animal out there that can’t find food due to all of that snow you have. ;o)


  2. You have kids, right? This might be a lesson in delegation. Or…go ahead and cut off the legs, cut off the fur (don’t need to thaw – at least not completely), put the whole thing in the pressure cooker with any and all herbs and seasonings that sound good. It does taste like chicken; looks more like shredded beef. I just cooked my first rabbit month or so ago. You can do it!


    1. You make it sound so easy! I wonder how much chocolate it would take to bribe one of the boys to take off the offending parts?!


  3. Just pitch them over behind the fruit trees in the tall weeds, by spring it will thaw and you will have forgotten about them! He would not care! I’ve done it before, they find their way into my freezer more times than I can count. A guy at church loves them…ask around you never know!:)


    1. It’s hard to toss free food – but then again do I really see Thumper as food?! Ahh…there in lies the question! Just don’t tell him ‘kay! 😉


  4. I’ve had rabbit and it did NOT taste like chicken, although others at the same table people argued it did, but to me it did not. I love venison, but not rabbit, quail, or pheasant. I say toss it 😉


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