Acts of Faith

The weather is perfect for curling up with a good book and nice cup of hot chocolate and once again my Mom has a great series to share! This time it’s from our family favorites, T. Davis Bunn and Janette Oke.

The Hidden Flame

As Church Librarian, I try to keep the shelves updated with new items that will help our Faith Family grow spiritually. I read and review a lot of books and media items, and as soon as I discovered this one, I just had to share it with you! It’s a winner!

Davis Bunn and Janette Oke have teamed up to write a new series, “Acts of Faith.”  The setting is first century Judea.

In the first book of the series, The Centurion’s Wife , Alban, a centurion in the Roman army is given the order to find the truth behind a rabbi’s death and missing body.

In the second book of the series,  Hidden Flame, the “followers of the Way” have burgeoned into a vibrant, growing community that cannot be ignored by either the religious leaders or the Roman rulers!

The books are listed under historical fiction and really give you a taste of what living in that time was like. This series offers a fresh, unique perspective on the life of Christ and His followers!

These books are well written and hard to put down!

Till next time!

Nana Shirley

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