Dagmar is Stylin’ Now…

I guess it’s a rite of passage, but I still wasn’t ready for it.

Dagmar has been asking for weeks now to get her hair cut and styled by a real beautician – not Mom who has cut her hair her entire life.  I drug my feet because I wasn’t ready to lose the little girl with the pony pulled back.  I’m not sure I was ready to lose the simplicity of one length for the complexity of layers and <gasp> product.

But when she asked specifically to get it done this week so she would have a new cut for our Christmas pictures and even offered to pay for it herself….

Daddy said yes.

So she called for an appointment and Shelly graciously worked her in right away.

I resigned myself to the inevitable and got Dagmar into town by the 11:00 appointment.

And Shelly  was amazing!

She’s a neighbor and a friend, but most importantly, she’s a mom who understood what a big deal this hair cut was. She took so much time with Dagmar – looking through magazines and finding out just what she wanted – then talking through the options.

She washed, cut, and styled Dagmar hair, and then took several minutes to show her how to do it herself.

In the space of an hour my pony-tailed girl turned into quite the styling young lady.

Just one more step in the process of growing up….

…and it’s going by way too fast.

One thought on “Dagmar is Stylin’ Now…

  1. boohoo! I feel your pain! Praise the Lord He uses baby steps in the growing up stage! us moms could not handle any quicker! love to see the new dew!


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