Happy Anniversary!

It’s been exactly one year.

It was just 12 months ago that we finally moved into our newly remodeled farmhouse after years of working on it.

And I do mean years.

It was eight years ago that we spotted this house for sale at an auction. My husband wasn’t interested – he was at the auction for the other stuff.

But I was in love.   It was the big beautiful farm house I had pictured in my dreams. Every side was unique. I cried when I walked through.

This was my house.

The house had to moved – so there weren’t many bidders. It was just my husband and a guy who wanted to tear it apart for the pieces.

It was the pine floors in the second story and the pine trim throughout the house that ultimately saved it.  There wasn’t enough oak to make it worth the junk guys time.

So we bought it.

Then we  moved it,  put it on a new foundation, gutted it, reroofed it, replaced the windows, replumbed, rewired, insulated, drywalled, painted and moved in.

Sounds simple doesn’t it?!

It wasn’t.

Each task took longer and cost more than we expected. Nothing was easy.

For years it seemed impossible, the forever project that would never be finished.  It took more patience than I imagined as entire years went by with little progress. But God is faithful, and my husband is amazing.

And as for our friends and family – they were a blessing! There was Mike and Kim who gave up their vacation, drove hundreds of miles and spent a week dry walling, then came back to help with refinishing the floors.

All through the house you can see my dad’s handiwork! My parents put in thousands of hours over the years helping. My father-in-law spent hours on his knees working on the floors and the stairs. My brother roughed in our electrical, and my brother-in-law handcrafted my one -of -a-kind kitchen cabinets.

And it all came together one year ago! My dreams became a reality and my “dream house” became our home.

I feel incredibly blessed.

Proverbs 13:12 “A hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life!”

13 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. Yay! Your house truly did turn out beautiful! I kept thinking I would scroll down and see the ‘after’ picture. I think you should post what it looks like now!


    1. I’ve held off on the “after pictures” because we aren’t finished yet. We still need to replace the old siding on the outside and hang the trim on the inside. Stay tuned!


  2. Oh, Melinda, it is truly charming. This experienced rehabber can definitely see the charm and know how everything would take at least 3 times as long as anticipated and cost at least 1/2 as much more!


    1. Thanks so much Kelly! I wish that “This experienced rehabber” could spend a few weeks in Iowa giving us some tips on the finish work and siding! 🙂


  3. Wow! What an incredible journey/story of your dream house. When I saw the picture I knew immediately why you fell in love. I’m a lover of old homes too. There’s nothing like the character, the story and the history. And now this house has not just your love but the love of friends and family as well. Congratulations.


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