And the Country Gal Goes Political…

I know this may be hard to believe, but this country gal is getting political.

Yes, me. The one who would rather have a root canal than watch a political debate.

So what changed? Why now?

One man – Bob Vander Plaats.

I heard him speak in June – my husband made me – and I was blown away.

This guy was clearly addressing the problems in our state, and – even more amazingly – gave clear and concise answers on how to solve them. He made sense and I understood it! And boy did I agree with it!

I wanted to cheer!

By the time he finished I looked at my husband and said, “Everybody in Iowa needs to hear this guy! My friends and neighbors need to hear this guy!”

The next thing I know we’ve signed up as volunteers and are planning an event.


We rented a space, sent out invitations, put ads in the paper, made lots of cookies, and prayed that people would come.

They did! And I actually stood up in front of them and introduced Bob Vander Plaats. Do I look as nervous as I felt? (Don’t answer that!)

Bob Vander Plaats

It was amazing to watch the faces of the people in the crowd as Mr. Vander Plaats spoke – they went from skepticism to excitement, just like I did.

He very concisely laid out his 4 priorities as governor. His points were so clear even the 4th graders in the front row understood them! He then spent several minutes answering questions and personally spoke to every person in the room.

Bob Vander Plaats Sign

This guy is a class act  and I am honored to be a small part of his team.

So what’s the most important thing that I have I learned so far in this venture into politics?

Get involved early. Find out who’s running and get behind the one you really like. If you don’t get involved now – you have no right to complain about the name on the ballot in November.

Oh… and Republicans like cookies! 🙂

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