Paintball Picasso

There are some things that our overgrown pastures and deep ravines are just meant for – things like exploring, berry picking and … paint ball.

Yes, paint ball.

We discovered this fact last weekend when a friend from church hosted his birthday paintball party here.

They brought a lunch, birthday cake and a trunk full of paintballparaphernalia to share with my kids.

After decking out in camouflage –

Paint Ball Outfit

My kids learned how to load and handle the guns. Then they did a little target practice on the grain bin out back –

Paintball Picasso

Now we have our very own paintball Picasso!

Then they jumped on the 4 wheeler and headed out to the ravines where they had a blast for hours.

They didn’t even realize how cold it was – or how late it was getting.

We almost had to peel the guns out of their hands.

Now you’ll never guess what my kids want for Christmas!

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