…And the Mexican Bean Beetles Invade

They’re here.

Despite the early freeze – they’ve come.

Mexican Bean Beetle

Just as soon as the sun came out and the temperatures rose – they came crawling out of the soybean fields where they spent the summer, shaken loose from their homes as the combines sweep through the fields.

What are these dreaded creatures? Some call them the Mexican bean beetles, others say they are Asian bean beetles.

I call them pests.

They swarm in the air so thick you could hear the buzzing.

They congregate on the walls of the houses looking for the tiniest holes to walk through.

They surround the windows and doors making you walk through a gauntlet to go outside.

They land in your hair, on your clothes, even on your face.

Not the nicest part of fall in the Midwest – but definitely a reality of rural living.

Rumor has it that some intellectual dude decided it would be a good idea to introduce these little buggers into soybean fields to eat the soybean aphids.

Nice idea. I’m all for using a natural method instead of spraying a chemical.

But nobody checked to see if they have any natural predators.

They don’t.

Even my chickens won’t touch them.

So now they multiply, swarming through the country side every fall when the fields are harvested, and invading our homes.

Maybe that dude should come and run the vacuum at my house for a few days – sucking up those smelly little varmints.

He might just think twice about his next big idea.

One thought on “…And the Mexican Bean Beetles Invade

  1. How great that I found this post when I googled Asian bean beetle. If I saw one of these I would just assume it was a lady bug and not know the difference. We dont get many here so seeing one is a rare treat. So sorry they are such a problem much like my crickets.


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