And the Relatives Came…

Carpet Ball

Ah yes, the relatives came.

All of my husband’s family – all 23 of them – descended on us for 4 wonderful days.

We meet and fell head over heels in love with our 2 new Ukrainian nieces.

The children played countless games of carpet ball and created a large scale Revolutionary War action game that covered at least 40 acres.

We took the entire crew to the roller skating rink on Saturday morning and made many memories (and bruises)!

The sisters-in-law had a big garage sale/thrift store outing.

We celebrated Poppa’s 80th birthday -a little early.

We ate lots of food.

We laughed together.

We sang together.

We cried together.

We played together.

And we prayed together.

It was hard to let them go.

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