It’s a Wrap

old movie camera It’s a wrap.

We got Mary and the donkey, some surprised shepherds and even some irate taxpayers in Bethlehem.

There were shepherds and angels romping in the grass,  Roman soldiers wearing aluminum foil armor, and Coco the pony who played the part of the donkey with great finesse.

We were so thankful that the weather held long enough for us to finish all the shots we needed for the Sunday School Christmas video.

This video will be played as a part of our annual Christmas program.  Since our church is so small, we don’t have enough children to have a full choir and a nativity scene – so we tape it ahead of time.

The kids love it – dressing up and acting – then watching themselves later on the big screen at church.

Even though it’s a crazy day herding excited and tired children through the various scenes – I love seeing my ideas come to life.

And I really love when those special “unplanned” moments happen.

Like when the sun shone through the window at just the right angle at just the right moment to look like star light as we filmed the stable scene.

And when the old nail the Roman soldier used to hang up the royal edict on the census reflected on the paper and looked like a cross.

But my favorite part is knowing that the not only am I  forever capturing a moment in our church family – but I am teaching these little ones to give back and to serve.

And that is worth all the effort!

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