Patti Pan Summer Squash

We spent a wonderful weekend on the prairie with Papa Jim and Nana Shirley and enjoyed these Patti pans every morning! There were yummy in our omelets and so cute!

Patti Pans

Are you tired of those long green things that remind you of smooth cucumbers? Want something frilly & white for a change? Try the Patti Pan!

Their official name is Early White Bush Scallop Squash. We were introduced to them many years ago when visiting friends on one of our fall Minnesota fishing trips. Finding seeds here in Iowa was a challenge, but they are now a tradition in our Prairie Garden.

You can plant them directly into the garden in hills of 3 to 5 seeds after all danger of frost is past.   In a week you will see the green leaves emerging and a Patti Pan will be ready to eat in 50 days!

They do the vine thing so give them some room.

Patti Pan’s are very mild, low in calories and a good source of Vitamin A. For optimum flavor pick when about 4 to 6 inches in diameter. You can use the bigger ones, but the outside is tough, making it necessary to peel.

We like them sliced and sauteed with onion & green pepper as a side dish for any meal. This year we experimented with some zucchini recipes and found that they were interchangeable.

Next year we will try a yellow variety that we found after the garden was planted!

-Nana Shirley

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