Haybales Blurred

I’m still adjusting to these new glasses.

After nine years, a change in prescription is hard.

So is a radically different frame. (Now you’re all curious – aren’t you!)

Suddenly – everything looked different. The boundaries of my sight were altered.

When I walked – it almost felt as if the ground was moving under me.  My eyes were tired and I got a headache.

A friend recently pointed out that adjusting to these new glasses is a perfect metaphor to what any change does in our lives.

Everything appears different.  Your boundaries are new. The earth around seems to be moving.

Some changes are more earth shattering than others (think moving, or a death.)

Others are smaller, like the first day of school or a new job.

But with every change comes the undeniable fact that the old normal has gone and you need to adjust to the new.

And that is the key to any change – allowing yourself time to adjust.

In time the world will stop moving every time I step, my eyes will have learned their new borders, my headache will go away, and things will settle back down into a new normal.

Then I will truly see things more clearly.

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