Weed & Feed

Once again Mom brings some wonderful insight into an area we all can use some work on! By the way – I spent several hours in my own garden today weeding, and it still doesn’t look as good as Mom’s!

GardenSeveral weeks ago Pastor Brian gave 10 Tips for a Healthy Family in his sermon. The last one: “Make sure to Weed & Feed” comes to mind every day as we deal with our garden.

Our goal is to have a “healthy” family. To accomplish this we have to pull out (weed) and get rid of what is hindering the growth of a healthy family or individual. We have to encourage (feed) attitudes, habits & traditions with the Word of God individually and as a family.

The weeds have been growing in both the vegetable and flower gardens where we have not mulched. They start out small, but grow with roots that take nutrients and water from the plants we are growing for eating & beauty. If left the weeds will literally “take over”! But they are hard to pull!

Last night we had a nice gentle rain. It watered both the weeds and the garden plants, but it loosened the soil enough to make the weeds easy to pull.

So like the water of God’s Word in our lives. It loosens & “feeds” the “soil” of our hearts allowing growth for the good and strength & wisdom to “weed” out the sin that could take over!

Weeding & Feeding on the Prairie,
Nana Shirley

One thought on “Weed & Feed

  1. I thought my little garden was looking pretty good till I spot the size of the plants in this gorgeous, weed-free garden!

    Create a Great Day!


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