Why Crocs Don’t Belong on a Farm

800px-pink_crocs_1001349I may be the only one in the world who doesn’t like crocs.

I’ve watched this fad from a distance for awhile now and I am still not impressed.   Do I really want to wear clunky plastic shoes in bright neon colors?

I think not.

Or … at least I thought not.

Until…I found a pair for a quarter at a garage sale a few weeks ago. They were even my size.

So I bought them.

Now I know why I don’t like crocs.

The next day I wore them out in the garden and ended up with filthy feet because of  all the dirt that fell through the holes in the shoes.

I wore them out to the mailbox in the rain and ended up with soaked and slimy feet as the water poured right in those same holes.

But the final straw was this afternoon. I slipped them on to run out to the hen house for an egg. All was fine until I headed back to the house.

I suddenly noticed that something was gooey in my left shoe.

It was not only gooey – but it smelled quite nasty.

A nice sized chuck of chicken manure had slipped right in one of those holes as I gathered eggs and was now smashed all over the bottom of my foot.

I don’t like crocs.

4 thoughts on “Why Crocs Don’t Belong on a Farm

  1. I’m right there with you, Melinda. They are not a very nice fashion statement. 😉

    I personally think I look dorky wearing those alien moon shoes! And by the way, I think you overpaid for your crocs!!

    Apparently there’s a place you can go to join the “I Dislike Crocs” fan page. I’m not THAT passionate!

    Create a Great Day!


  2. My daughters were each given a pair of crocs by their aunt and uncle for Christmas a few years back. They were generously sized and so they have hung around our house all this time since no one has really grown out of them. With three of us having similar sized feet nowdays, we’ll just grab the closet footwear outside of the door and head outside. Pity the poor soul who doesn’t think things through and slips on the crocs in our wet, mucky climate. For a real treat, try wearing them through freshly cut grass the next time!


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