The Great Bunny Wars

Let me start here by saying that I like bunnies.

I think that bunnies are cute. They’re soft and very lovable. I have nothing against bunnies in general.

Except when they are in my garden!

They destroyed 2 rows of baby green bean plants and 2 rows of tiny peas before we discovered that they could get inside.

Now I’m not naive – we have the garden well fenced. We actually have TWO fences around it – but still – we watched those cute little varmints wriggle right through.

This means war.

My husband and sons added yet another fence around the already heavily fortressed garden. This time a bright orange snow fence with very small holes.

Now this is not exactly the landscape decor I was going for – but desperate times call for desperate measures!

All we need now is barbed wire across the top and machine guns at every corner…

Or maybe a moat around it filled with crocodiles…

Or armed sentries patrolling the ground…

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