Beaver Roast

707px-slaaende_lighedI love old cookbooks – especially the ones from church or community groups. These cookbooks have the real recipes in them from real cooks.

They also frequently have some very interesting entries!

I just picked up a 1969 community cookbook at a garage sale over the weekend that really intrigued me! It has an entire section of old-fashioned recipes.

This recipe was one I just had to share – as the economy continues to crumble – we may all need it!

(This is copied exactly as it came from the cook book)

Beaver Roast

First catch your beaver.

Then dress the same as any other animal. Cut your roast from any part of the animal you wish.

Make a strong brine and pour over the meat and let stand overnight.  Then take enough cold water to cover and lay it  in a kettle with a few whole peppers, 6 cloves, a piece of  stick cinnamon, 6 allspice, a teaspoon of white mustard seed, if handy, all tied up together in a piece of cheesecloth.

Parboil half an hour.

Take up and put in a dripping pan with a pint of water and start it roasting in the oven. Then mix a teaspoon of mustard, a teaspoon of black pepper, a pinch of cayenne, with a tablespoon of flour and mix with water from dripping pan and use to baste with.

Either stick 2 or 3 garlics here and there in the roast, or chop an onion fine and mix with the dressing.

I’m not sure when you are supposed to know that the beaver is done – or just where the dressing is supposed to come from – but if the guys around here every bring a beaver home, I’ll try it out and let you know!

3 thoughts on “Beaver Roast

  1. O’my! Love old cookbooks too, but I can’t think about this one without gagging. LOL. It has never crossed my mind that one would eat a beaver.


  2. My Mom had an old Amish cookbook that she enjoyed reading as her bedtime reading! She loved reading cookbooks, as well, and this Amish cookbook had the most interesting stories.

    I remember one story she read to us: The Amish family saw they were getting company (coming down their driveway just before lunch time) so the Mother hurried out back, slaughtered a chicken, got it plucked, eviscerated, and on the stove to boil before the people had reached the house! Then they were welcomed in saying they had enough food for the guests to stay for lunch!

    My daughter inherited this cookbook.

    Thanks for taking me for walk down memory lane to a time of childhood happiness!



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