Happy Mother’s Day, Mom

My sister Sandy and I wrote this tribute to our mom to enter a Mother’s Day contest. Whether we win or not, it doesn’t matter, just writing this was a wonderful reminder of how blessed we are to have the mom we do!

Nana Shirley

“Don’t drink all your pop before the pizza comes.”

“This is a car not a gymnasium!”

“If you can’t go to sleep just lay there quietly so other people can”

“You are going to school not a fashion show!”

Those are just some of my mom’s Proverbs. One year my four siblings and I put them together in a book for mom on her birthday. We laugh at how often we say them now to our own children.

Mom doesn’t just teach by word but by example. I remember seeing her at the kitchen table with her Bible open early in the morning. The truths she found during those early morning meditations are still sought today by her children, her grandchildren and even some of their friends.

She had to go back to work when I started school. But she always left us a list of things to do and managed to make a warm meal for us. Or as we got older taught us to make them  – which often involved eating some rather unique dishes with a smile of encouragement!  Meal times were so fun. We laughed till Mom and Dad were taking off their glasses to wipe the tears from their eyes.

Mom tried to stay relevant and hip as we grew up with some hilarious results. Even today she keeps in contact with the grand kids on Facebook and has started her own blog.

Her love of learning is contagious as is her love of adventure. She could make a simple drive down the gravel road to town in the station wagon more relevant than an hour in a text book.

When my oldest sister got engaged, the first of four girls, Mom studied and figured out how to bake a wedding cake, make corsages, and feed the wedding guests on a tight budget. Her “wedding notebook” was used four times and is now waiting for the first grandchild to announce their engagement.

Mom’s creativity is legendary, especially in the kitchen. She could make a meal with whatever was in the pantry, although the green fish loaf was not as well received as most dishes!

When dad started raising goats, we children were grossed out at the thought of drinking the milk. Mom very cleverly saved milk jugs and fed us the goat’s milk from them for almost 2 weeks before we discovered it.

Her creativity was also evident in the sewing room. I remember many nights going to bed to the sound of the sewing machine as she worked late on clothes for us. She made everything from underwear to swimming suits, even winter coats and wedding dresses.

The book of Proverbs says “Through wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established, through wisdom it’s rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.”

My mom has created a home like that. It is a haven where her children and grandchildren feel loved and accepted. A place where we all receive her wisdom, enjoy her creativity, and laugh together as we share our adventures through life, just like mom taught us.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! We love you!

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