Need a Mother’s Day Gift?


My sister started a Mother’s Day tradition with our mom years ago that continues to be a blessing today.

Mom is a gardener and has beautiful flower beds surrounding the house. Every year for Mother’s Day my sister has given her a perennial flower.

These flowers are enjoyed for a few weeks in the house and then planted in one of her many flower beds.

Then, every year, Mom can watch these same flowers come up, bigger and more beautiful as they take root in the soil. They bloom, make seeds, and spread their beauty.

What a perfect illustration of motherhood and a perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day!

One thought on “Need a Mother’s Day Gift?

  1. Have your violas planted and they are doing great! I can see them from kitchen window!
    Teresa’s 2 are ready to go in the ground to fill in where deck construction was a problem last year. Do love watching them all “regrow” each spring. A memory with each because some of the plants are picked because their names relate family favorites like chocolate!


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