Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

pigs  fences country living After a recent walk with my husband to survey the damage done by the neighbor’s wandering pigs, I can say with all honesty…

“Good fences make good neighbors.”

I like pigs, don’t get me wrong. But boy can they make a mess fast!

They can root up a yard, a flower bed, or a garden with amazing speed! And when the ground is wet, they don’t even have to root anything – just their little hoofs will rip up the grass.

We were actually able to follow the muddy path they left from the yard, through the ditch, and all the way to the neighbors where they escaped.

<heavy sigh>

Thankfully we only lost a few plantings. They probably needed to be thinned anyway. The grass in the yard will eventually grow back.

And it wasn’t long before those wandering pigs became bacon and ham. Then the little neighbor  girl came knocking at our door with some home made fresh sausage as a peace offering.

So I guess I could also say in all honesty…

“Good sausage also makes good neighbors!”

One thought on “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

  1. Love your cute little pigs. Thanks for showing us how you create your blog. You have a very interesting way of writing.

    Sorry about your yard but I wish you good eatin’ when that sausage is served!

    XOXO Pat


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