The Year the Music Disappeared…


I remember the conversation very clearly.

My oldest son had been rolling his eyes as he heard the opening beats of my favorite Ricky Skaggs CD.

I stopped him and patiently explained that I wanted all of my children to have an appreciation for all types of music – from classical to bluegrass. They didn’t have to like it or even choose to listen to it on their own time, but they needed to be able to listen with a good attitude.

That began the year where I went out of my way to introduce them to many styles of music.

We enjoyed concerts on our public television station – from John Tesh to the Three Tenors. We took our children to hear live music; they heard everything from the 4 part harmony of southern gospel to the rousing marches of John Philip Sousa.

When we visited grandma’s house we pulled out the old albums and listened to Jim Reeves, The Browns, and even The Smother’s Brothers.

We had sock hops with the cousins listening to Nana’s At the Hop records. (They invented the coolest dance moves to the “The Lion Sleeps Tonight!”)

Every Friday we listened to our local Christian station play “Love Songs for Christian Couples”. (Alright – I’ll admit- that one didn’t go over so good, but at least they have a working knowledge of the love songs from the 60’s and 70’s!)

I didn’t know if it was working until I noticed that my music was disappearing.

John Denver was the first to go. He was taken by the 7 year old who loved “Thank God I’m a Country Boy”.

As I walked upstairs to bed one evening I heard some beautiful Celtic harmonies and followed them right to Dagmar’s room. She had all of my Loreena McKennitt CD’s.

I also noticed my oldest son listening to John Michael Talbot while he was doing school one morning.

But I knew I had them hooked when the Sons of the San Joachim were on Public TV and one of my sons said, “Sweet- that’s one show we really need to tape!”

I’m glad to report that my kids now have a respect, if not an appreciation, for many different kinds of music.

But it does come with a cost. I may need to carefully search their CD collections before they leave home.

By the way, has anyone seen my Don Fransisco Best Hits CD?

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