Thrifty Tip: Bacon

800px-nci_bacon Bacon.

Doesn’t it make your mouth water just to hear the word?

I love a BLT with a red ripe tomato, crisp green lettuce, and the salty slabs of bacon dripping with mayonnaise.

But bacon doesn’t come cheap! I discovered that the hard way last summer.

I was looking for the best deal on bacon to take on our family camping trip and was shocked at the prices.

I asked the meat guy in my favorite hometown grocery store if he had any on sale. He let me in on a secret – the price of bacon always goes up as soon as tomatoes go in the ground. It stays high until the first frost when it will come down a little. It stays higher through Christmas but then will start to drop until spring.

So the best time to buy bacon is late winter.

He proved to be correct. I’ve been watching prices for the past few months. They were higher around the holidays, but have been going lower.

Just last week I bought 10 pounds of bulk bacon for just a little over $1 a pound. I repackaged them and put them in the freezer ready for those BLT’s and camping trips next summer.

Food always tastes better when you get it on sale – doesn’t it!?

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