My Quiddler Obsession


I have found a new obsession.

I was first introduced at my parents house over Christmas.  (Ah yes- the  infamous “truffle weekend“!) My sister brought this gift they had received for Christmas – this small, rather inconspicuous card game named Quiddler.

None of us had ever heard of it before, so we had no expectations.

After a nice snack of truffles we opened the game to check it out and were soon hooked!

It’s like Scrabble in a card game, but moves much faster.

Each card in the deck has a letter (a, b, c) or letter combination (like qu).

For the first round each player receives 3 cards.  When it’s your turn you can either draw a card from the draw pile or the top card of the discard pile. Then you need to discard one card.

If you can make a word with the letters in your hand, you can lay them down and receive the points on the cards. If you can’t make a word, the play passes to the next player.

The tension rises when one player can lay down a word – that forces everyone else to lay down whatever they can come up on their turn.

Each round of play you receive another card until you have 10 cards in your hand to make into word or words.

There’s bonus points for whoever makes the longest word and bonus points for whoever makes the most words in each round.

There are challenges if you don’t think an opponent’s word is real, and you can use a dictionary only when it is not your turn.  (We recommend The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary.)

All ages played together, from grandpa to the eight year old cousins.

Vocabularies were stretched and spelling was learned – all in the name of fun!

We played it all week end! I found myself forming words in my sleep. (Although, that could have been caused by the excessive number of truffles I ate while playing!)

This is a must-have game for all home schoolers! We now have our own set and have even learned Quiddler solitaire for one person playing.

Quash, Quatrain, Qat, Qi, Qoph….

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