Robin Day Revisited

458px-american_robinRobin Day has been a family tradition in our home for years.

Every year we would watch the melting snow outside to see who can spot the first robin of spring. Then we would celebrate with robin’s nest cookies for dessert.

It was a lovely tradition that helped my young children begin to recognize the birds and look for the other signs of spring.

It provided a much needed reason to celebrate every year in those early spring months when the weather was unpredictable.

So if it’s such a wonderful tradition- what’s the problem?

I have been seeing robins all winter! For some reason they have decided not to leave the state, but just hang out in the woods and underbrush despite the cold weather.

I saw robins in November, December, January, and now in February. I’m afraid that the first robin may no longer be the harbinger of spring.

So now what’s a mom to do?

If the robins don’t signal Spring? What do?

The turkey vulture.

turkey_vulture Seriously, every year we know that spring is officially here when we see the red headed turkey vultures flying overhead.

For years during sharing time in the little country church we used to attend, a sweet sister would sing out, “Honey, I just saw a turkey vulture – spring is finally here!”

But somehow, it just isn’t the same. Turkey Vulture Day just doesn’t have the same ring to it.  Besides, what would serve? Carrion?

Now I know that the turkey vultures have a purpose in our world, but I still can’t bring myself to celebrate their arrival.

So, it’s back to the drawing board for now.

First mud puddle? First daffodil? First green leaf? First thunderstorm? First wood tick?

One thought on “Robin Day Revisited

  1. I’m laughing! I did notice the robins have been hanging around. Thought that was a town thing but I guess if you are seeing them…it must be universal. I guess its just a sign of global warming. =) Maybe you should go with the first running of the stream and make ice slushies. The old Skunk was running fast with big chunks of ice the other day.


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