A Workout Room

502px-twodumbbellsI really don’t like to sweat.

Exercise was never my favorite thing to do. It still isn’t.

But I have now reached an age where exercise is a needed thing. 😦

I have in the past done video work-outs. They were very effective for awhile. But eventually I would get bored and have to force myself to do them.

I also discovered that my muscles need variety. They soon get accustomed to the same exercises and don’t need to work as hard.

I love taking a walk, but in the dead of an Iowa winter, that isn’t always possible.

So we started collected exercise equipment.  I am amazed at what you can find at garage sales!

A Schwinn aerodyne, a weight bench, and even a Nordic Track stair stepper for $1.

After we moved, all of these equipment slowly started to congregate into our unfinished basement.

I looked around the other day and said, “By golly, I have my very own workout room!”

We added a CD player, an old TV set with a DVD player and several tapes.

Everyday, I have a choice of exercise equipment and can choose what I want to watch while I work out.

Now if I can just motivate myself to actually use them…

One thought on “A Workout Room

  1. If you figure out the motivation thing, please please tell me. Cause my handweights are laying on the floor right behind this chair…with cobwebs on them. And I’ve promised myself I won’t eat another Girl Scout Mint cookie til I lose 5 lbs. LOL —could be June at this rate. I wonder if the cookies will melt where I hid them?



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