Truffle Weekend Truffles.

The very name makes me salivate!

To me truffles are the epitome of chocolate gratification.

My sister surprised us at a recent after Christmas family get- together with more truffles than I’ve seen in a lifetime!

They had a wonderful time at the clearance table at Sam’s Club picking out a large selection of various truffles at a greatly reduced price!

These amazing delicacies were the stars of the weekend.

I am almost ashamed to admit that we ate them morning, noon and night. We had a truffle with breakfast, again at 10:00, and then one just before lunch. Of course we needed some for dessert and on through the afternoon ending our day with a  truffle just before bed.

We began the weekend carefully checking the packages to make intelligent choices, but soon we were snarfing them down regardless. (But by then all the caramel ones were eaten anyway!)

At the end of the weekend we were all “truffle-a-tized”.

We divided the large amount of remaining truffles between us and headed home to face the reality of the bathroom scale.

I will confess that there are still truffles in my pantry luring me with their smooth decadent goodness. But there will not be a repeat of that wonderful weekend, at least not for awhile!;)

But it will remain in our memories as a chocolate highlight of the year!

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