Children’s Christmas Program

Last night I once again directed our church’s annual Children’s Christmas Program.

I love the Christmas Program.

To some it may be just a tradition, but not to me.  To me it’s one of the most important things I do during the Christmas season.

Why would I say that?

It’s not just because the kids are so cute- although they are! Last night the littlest angel refused to go on stage- she wanted to sit in Grandma’s lap instead!

It’s not because it’s the easiest job in the world to corral a group of kids on sugar-overload to remember their lines and sing the right words in tune at the right time. It’s not.

The reason the program is so important to me is simple: “out of the mouth of babes”.

For many the true meaning of Christmas, the message of salvation, is more easily heard when it comes from the mouths of children. People who wouldn’t think of entering the doors of the church will come in to see a little one dressed as a shepherd and saying his part…

“I am just a shepherd boy little Jesus…”

It’s for all those moms and dads and grandpa’s and grandma’s and aunts and uncles and friends in the audience that the Christmas Program is given.

And that makes it all worthwhile!

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