Do You See What I See: A Devotional for Advent

Do You See What I See? We love this Advent book!

Grandpa and Grandma gave it to the children years ago and it has been a Christmas tradition in our home ever since.

The children have been known to stop decorating the house and start reading it as soon as it is discovered in the Christmas box.

Even though our children have outgrown it, it has stood the test of time and has earned a place of honor among our Christmas decorations.

Do You See What I See: A Devotional Seek-and-Find Book for Advent tells the Christmas story in a creative and colorful way that is perfect for preschoolers.

It is put together like the popular I Spy books with a bright colorful picture, a short devotional and a rhyme for each day of Advent.

The children love to hear the story and the rhyme before finding the things hidden in the pictures.

“When Christmas comes with colored lights
With snowmen sweets and other sights
It’s often easy to ignore
Who all this celebration’s for.

Through-out this pretty picture book
Are hidden objects. Take a look.
Past presents, lights and evergreens.
You’ll find what Christmas really means.

So come with shepherds, sheep and kings.
And peek beyond the other things.
To seek the Savior, born for you.
Look! Do you see him? I do, too!”

This book is a hard one to find, but it is still available from the publisher Creative Communications at

The paperback version is so inexpensive it would make an excellent gift from a Sunday School teacher to her preschool students!

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