Of Snow Fall and Christmas Candy

The snow is falling outside. Big fluffy flakes that fill the air and quickly cover the ground.

It makes me want to turn on Christmas music, drink hot chocolate with whipped cream, but mostly, it makes me hungry for Christmas candy.

Not the store bought stuff- I’m talking about the old-fashioned homemade kind, rich buttery penuche, fluffy white divinity and gooey chocolate fudge.

This craving for sweet stuff was ingrained in me at an early age. Every year in December, usually on a Sunday afternoon, when it started to snow like this, my dad would announce, “It’s time to make candy!”

Then there was a flurry to find the recipes, the right pans and that elusive candy thermometer.

Once he had his equipment and ingredients in place, Dad would begin the great candy making afternoon.

Snow would be falling outside, Eddie Arnold would be singing Christmas music, wonderful smells coming from the kitchen, and best of all, pans to lick!

It was a memory for all the senses to enjoy!

Now if you’ll excuse me… I think I need to dig out some recipes…

One thought on “Of Snow Fall and Christmas Candy

  1. Ohhh… you print up such a wonderful picture in my mind and such fun memories! Makes me wanna go eat something sweet! : )

    BTW… I like your blog… what a great title/header!


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