Homemade Refried Beans Part 2

Still basking in the glory of my first attempt at homemade refried beans, I decided to attempt a second batch.

Again I measured 8 cups of beans.  Then I sorted, cleaned and soaked them overnight. The next moring I put them on to cook and this time I allowed lots of cooking time! Those beans bubbled the entire morning and some of the afternoon before I had time to deal with them.

They were so soft that I was afraid to drain the cooking water for fear I would lose most of my beans. So I improvised!

I grabbed my immersion blender and began smooshing the entire thing together in the cooking pot. Forget about the “re frying” part- my friend Cinnamon said I didn’t need to do it anyway!

So I just smooshed them all together and added some powdered garlic and onion and salt.

Yum! I like it even better than my first batch!

But what about my toughest critics?

Since the texture was more like the canned variety, two of my three boys gave them a thumbs up.

The third boy simply said, “They’re better than the first batch- a little.”

Six “yes” votes and one “maybe”- I’ll call this batch a success!

One thought on “Homemade Refried Beans Part 2

  1. So glad to hear they came out yummy and got the “thumbs up!” Way to go!

    We had beans and rice today…..mmmmm…..mmmmm….mmmmm~

    I’m so glad my husband taught me how to use a pressure cooker ’cause they make cooking beans so quick.

    Great visiting with ya’ at the cook out 🙂



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