Home School Hot Dog Roast

We spent a very cold evening last night at our annual home school hot dog roast.

There’s nothing quite as tasty as a charred hot dog with a cold inside eaten on a ketchup drenched bun while sitting on a lawn chair balancing a plate of goodies on your knees.

There’s smoke in my eyes, ketchup dribbled down my shirt, and chips drowned in my baked beans.

I love it!

Maybe the food doesn’t meet gourmet standards, but the atmosphere rivals the finest dining establishments!

The kids are laughing and playing while the adults are enjoying the warmth of the fire, catching up on life.

There’s something about watching a bonfire on a crisp night that is relaxing and brings perspective. Your entire world is reduced to the glow of the fire and those people immediately around you.

You snuggle down in the warmth of your coat and hold hands with your honey while watching the embers and flying sparks against the pitch black night sky.

Yep…I love a campfire!

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