Sound of the Seasons- Autumn

home canned food

Have you ever “heard” fall? There’s an urgency in it’s voice.

As I sat on the dock listening the other day I could hear birds calling each other, reminding them to hurry on their journey south.

I heard combines running on 4 sides as once again the farmers race against winter to bring in this season’s crop.

There was the whirring of chain saws as neighbors added to their wood piles in anticipation of the cold weather ahead.

The grasshoppers were buzzing and crickets were chirping as they enjoyed the last warm days.

I sat and heard it all and I understood it.

This is a busy season for the gardener. The last of the garden produce is competing with the apples for my attention. Daily there is something in the canner as I race against the first frost.

But I knew that this season will not last forever. That killing frost will come and the world around me will be silent with the cold of winter.

There is peace in knowing that these urgent days will have an end. These seemingly endless boxes of produce will all be tucked away neatly into jars and sitting on my pantry shelves ready for my family.

And then the first garden catalog will arrive…

Eccle. 3:1 To everything there is a season…a time to plant and a time to pluck up what was planted…”

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