Apples, Apples, Apples!

red delicious apples

The last two years we’ve had dismal apple harvests.

They’ve been so bad that last year I had to import apples from my sister-in-law in North Dakota to make applesauce.

This year is a totally different story!

Apple trees that have never had an apple are loaded this year. There are so many apples in southern Iowa that I’m afraid to look people in the eye for fear they will offer me some.

I’ve even heard of people leaving random bags of apples on the porches of unsuspecting neighbors. We might need to start locking our car doors.

Every potluck and church dinner has row after row of apple pies, apple cobbler, apple crisp, apple salad, and apple muffins.

I’ve already done over 58 quarts of applesauce and we have barely touched the apple tree. Can new apples sprout over night?

Right now I have 4 banana boxes of apples sitting in my porch reminding me that I’m not done yet.

Yet, I want to get as much out of these as I can because I don’t know if there will be a harvest next year.

So my plans for the week are pretty well decided. Applesauce, apple butter, apple pie filling, then lather rinse, repeat.

Apple crisp anyone?

2 thoughts on “Apples, Apples, Apples!

  1. Mmmmmmmmm!! Yes, I’d like some apple crisp, apple pie, apple cobbler, I’d like it all – apple butter (? Don’t know but I’d probably like that. I think that’s a native US dish but I’d love to try some.) Way to go, working so hard getting the most variety from your apples.


  2. Well, I suppose when you do actually hit your trees you can send me up some of them apples and the recipe for apple butter. Never tried that. Might as well make it my year to try new things.

    Big question….how important is it to cut off all those little worm trails in the apple? Are they really bad for you or not?

    Oh, and who out there really eats apples and cheese together? Are they really a good combo?

    Just some things to consider as you chop and smash and boil and bake them apples!


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