Apple Toast: A Taste of Fall

With the cooler temperatures and shorter days, our appetites have started craving those wonderful fall comfort foods.

The apple harvest is plentiful this year and we have been feasting on our favorite apple dishes.

One of our breakfast favorites is apple toast.

Start with a slice of bread ( we used homemade whole wheat.) Butter it well.

Then core and slice a good baking apple. (You may peel it if you wish.) Keep the slices thin so they cook quickly!

Carefully layer the apples slices on top of the bread sprinkling cinnamon and sugar between each layer. (Pile them as high as you want!)

Finally, top the apple slices with shredded cheese. (We used cheddar).

Toast in a 400 degree oven until the bread is toasted, the cheese is melted and the apples are soft.

Yum! A delicious way to warm up a cool fall morning!

2 thoughts on “Apple Toast: A Taste of Fall

  1. Why cheese? Why not carmel ice cream topping or even a few individually wrapped caramels. Of course, this would taste even better ala mode with Wiggys Ice cream! Oh I forgot, it’s a breakfast food….hmmmm…still carmel would be worth trying don’t ya think?

    I’m off to peel some apples!


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