A True Bibliophile

We went to our favorite garage sale this morning. Three older ladies who are also good friends get together once a year and have a sale where the prices are good and the merchandise fun!

I’ve picked up the most amazing things there over the years! I always wonder where they find these treasures? Maybe they are just digging them out of the basement a box at a time- like layers of an onion.

This year we found books! Box after box after box of vintage books. Hard cover Henty’s, Gene Stratton Porter, and Zane Grey just to name a few.

I started salivating and making piles. There were just many to choose from! They all looked interesting and I wanted them all!

So I got them. All of them. I filled the back of the van and brought my treasures home.

Yes, we did negotiate a price for the entire lot and most of the books will be researched and sold on Amazon or eBay.

But some of the choicest, the nicest, the most wonderful books will find a place of honor on our personal bookshelves.

We believe, like Henry Ward Beecher, that,

“A little library growing every year is an honorable part of a man’s history. It is a man’s duty to have books.”

and like Thomas Jefferson who said,

“I cannot live without books.”


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