Flapper Fannies

Since I had bread dough rising at lunch time, I took a little trip back in history for lunch and served an old family recipe, Flapper Fannies.

My mom remembers these from growing up. On days that Grandma was baking bread, she would sometimes make these for lunch if the bread wasn’t quite ready.

After the bread dough had risen, she would take a sharp knife and cut off small hunks. Then she would take the hunks of dough, flatten them, and place them in an iron skillet that was hot and greased (usually with lard).  She would fry the dough until brown, then turn it over and brown the other side.  These were served hot with butter.

My only variation to this traditional method was to fry these in butter, being careful to not let them burn. Then, since I was the cook, I also had the privilege of sopping up the browned butter in the skillet!

Yum! Flapper Fannies are a comfort food that ties the generations together!

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