First Day of School

I can’t believe the summer is gone and we just had our first day of school.

I can’t believe this is the first year I don’t have someone in Alpha-Phonics learning to read.

I can’t believe that I have 2 kids in high school. When did that happen?!

It is amazing how quickly the years click by. I have now been home schooling for 10 years. Wow! It seems like just yesterday I was crying my way through my first year feeling like a total failure.

I was actually kinda proud of my kiddos as I watched them work. They were on task and quite independent. Well they were on task and independent once they figured out what they were doing.

We had several conversations that went something like this:

“Mom! What do I do for science?”

“It’s the book called ‘science’ on your shelf, dear.”

“Mom! What do I for math?”

“Umm…try page one in your math book! Remember, it’s the one we put on your shelf last week.”

But my favorite questions were the ones asking for a new book to read for literature. I am thrilled when I see all of children sitting around the house with a book in hand, carried away by a story.

Now that is the heart of my home school.

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