Merry-Go-Round Thinking

Merry-Go-RoundI will admit to being in the middle stage of life.

Alright, I will even confess to being over 40.

At least I’m not alone. My friends and my sisters seem to age right along with me. But we’ve noticed a disturbing trend recently. Let’s call it “mental slippage.”

You know the feeling, when you’ve opened your mouth to say something and forgot what it was that you were going to say.

When you look at someone and don’t remember their name.

When you lose the word you need in the middle of a sentence.

It’s embarrassing and it’s becoming more frequent! It happened to me several times at our recent family camp out. My oldest sister just said, “Don’t worry honey, the right horse will come along in a minute!”

When I looked at her blankly, she just laughed and explained that one of her friends compared our minds to a merry-go-around. If we miss the right horse the first time around, just wait, it will be back!

What a perfect illustration! Sometimes the horses come around too fast to catch it, other times the merry-go-round is so big it takes a long time to get there, but eventually, you’ll remember the word you lost.

So the next time your mind slips a little, just laugh and remember “the right horse will come along in a minute!”

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