Lessons Learned on a Family Trip

Having just returned from a short two-day family trip, I am amazed at the life lessons learned!

  • Rides that continually go around in circles (like Merry-Go-Rounds) are not the same after age 30 and should avoided entirely after age 40.
  • Falling asleep in the sun while watching your children on a water slide will result in a sunburn.
  • Spending the next day in the sun at the state fair will only aggravate said sunburn.
  • The free fall on a roller coaster makes one feel like a teenager again.
  • The child who forgets her shoes at home will inevitably step off the merry-go-round in the first 15 minutes of your visit to the amusement park and break her flip flops. This will result in an emergency run to Wal-Mart to buy that child another pair of shoes to wear the rest of the trip. (Of course that child has ten perfectly good pairs at home already!)
  • It is amazingly fast and easy to travel through the State Fair with out a baby in a stroller!
  • The ability to laugh when things don’t go as planned on a trip makes the most amazing memories!
  • There is nothing as wonderful as shower and your own bed after a couple of days away!

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