Staying Cool with Homemade Chocolate Shakes

It’s still hot at my house. The afternoons get long and tempers get short in the heat and humidity.

So I tried a trick my mom used to do, I made a cool treat mid-afternoon to sweeten everybody up and cool everybody down!

Today’s treat was Homemade Chocolate Shakes.

I pulled out the blender and threw in a few scoops of ice cream, poured in a little milk and some chocolate ice cream syrup.

If it looked too thick, I would add more milk.

If it looked to thin, I would add more ice cream.

If it looked just right I poured it into a cup with a dollop of whipped cream on top.

Served with a spoon and a straw, this was one treat that soothed the savage beasts (oops…I mean my hot and tired children!)

And yes, Mom enjoyed it, too!

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