Amish Work Night

Our road was quite busy tonight with a parade of Amish buggies.

Since our nearest neighbors to the north and the south are Amish, a buggy sighting is nothing unusual. But to see this many in one evening, told us that one of the neighbors was having a work night for the young people.

A work night is a big social event in the community. The young people all gather at one of the homes. Then the girls help the lady of the house with whatever job she has (quilting, canning, snapping green beans) while the young men help the man of the house with something (digging fence posts, laying fence, a building project).

Then after they’ve worked awhile, they gather together and play volleyball and enjoy refreshments provided by the host family.

It is pretty late when they return home. We will often hear the buggies on the gravel as we lay in bed. But we don’t mind. It’s refreshing to know that these youth had an evening of service and good clean fun.

And we also wonder if there’s any courtin’ being done down there in the moonlight…

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