Rural Community

Rural America.

To some it may seem isolated and lonely. The midwife who delivered my Angel Girl had to drive several miles on gravel and turn several times to find us.

Her comment was, “This may not be the end of the world, but I think I can see it from here!”

But what those people don’t see is the real community that exists in a rural area.

For example, I ran errands yesterday with my sister-in-law from Chicago.

We stopped at the REC to pay our bill and I was greeted by name. The same thing happened at the bank a few minutes later.

A stop at Dollar General included a chat with the check-out gal and our visit to local thrift store not only yielded us some great buys, but also visits with 2 neighbors.

Our last stop of the trip was the grocery store where not only did the check-out gal know me, she punched my card for my sister-in-law’s purchases (she figured we were related) and then offered to carry out our bags. That’s small town service at its best.

My sister-in-law was impressed.

I don’t blame her. It impressed us, too. We were so impressed that we moved here.

Now we’re planting our roots deep and doing all we can to keep the feeling of community alive.

What a heritage!

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