Staying Cool on a Budget

It’s hot in my house today. I’m afraid the weather forecast doesn’t give much hope for the rest of the week. It’s gonna stay hot and humid.

What do you do when you’re living in an old farmhouse with no A/C?

You adjust.

We have.

We usually wake up early and work in the cool hours of the early morning, and then rest in the heat of the day.

We let the kids play outside after supper until dark so they get their fresh air when its cooler.

We try to keep fans running on us when we are inside.

We don’t run the oven. I use my crock pots, the electric skillet, or the stove top, or even just eat a cold meal.

I try to do something special in the afternoons so the kids have a treat to look forward too. It might something cold and special for snack time in the afternoon, like a homemade popsicle or pudding pop, a root beer float, a slushie,  or just even a glass of cold lemonade.

When the kids were younger it was time in the wading pool under the shade tree (mom, too!).

Now we sit and watch a movie in the heat of the day, with the shades pulled and fans blowing on us. It’s a nice rest and by the time the movie is over, things have cooled off a little and we’re ready to work again.

Most of all, we have learned to give ourselves a little “grace” during these hot spells. We accomplish what we can and know that our energy level will be better as soon as the mercury lowers.

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