Family Camping at It’s Best!

State Park Trail

I have a large and very fun-loving family who who actually enjoy being together! Several years ago one of my sisters suggested a family camping trip. Since most of us don’t have campers and there are a few of us who are more, (ahem), should we say “high-maintenance?” then others, we needed cabins.

After some research we found a state park that works perfectly for us. Each family rents a cabin for themselves and there is a kitchen/dining hall and shower house that we rent together.

So once a year we take a three day weekend and enjoy some wacky and wild family time! We eat way more than we need (we even have dessert at breakfast- but don’t tell the kids!), stay up way later than we should (we just can’t stop talking!), and laugh so hard that it hurts!

We wade in the creek, hike the trails, have a hot dog roast, and dance with sparklers! Every year each family is responsible for a skit for our annual skit night and we’ve even plan our own version of The Amazing Race. On Sunday morning we gather for our own church service, worshiping outside in God’s creation.

Each family does one meal and the kids are all assigned KP so the kitchen duties are light. The cousins all play from dawn to well past dark while the grown-ups sit and enjoy each others quick wit and funny stories.

My kids look forward to it all year. (So does their mom!)

Oh the memories we make!

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